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Sikaflex-11FC Adhesive Sealant 370g - White

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Quick Overview

Sikaflex-11 FC is a one-component, gun-grade, adhesive and sealing compound of permanent
elasticity. This dual-purpose material is based on a special moisture-cured polyurethane with an
accelerated curing time.

Sikaflex-11FC provides a highly effective bonding and sealing product, which demonstarates excellent flexibility, long life and weather proofing qualities.

This product is sandable an can be painted over with solvent, rubber or water based paints (preliminary test recommended).

Sikaflex-11FC is good for indoor and outdoor applications.

This product is drinking water safe.

Sikaflex-11FC will not slump out of vertical or overhead joints up to 40mm wide.


Materials this product is used for

  • Metal
  • Timber
  • Cement Sheeting
  • Brick
  • Plaster
  • Ceramic

How to use product

  • Recommended application temperatures:40°-100°F. For cold weather application,condition material to 65°-75°F before using.
  • For neat joint edges use masking tape. It should be taken off at least 1hr after sealant application.
  • Substrate should be clean, dry and free of oil, grease and loose particles.
  • Badly adhering coatings and friable surfaces must be ground off and the joint to be blown out with oil free compressed air.
  • Sikaflex-11FC generally has excellent adhesion without priming to clean, sound concrete, brick, ceramic and anodised aluminium.
  • On masonry for maximumperformance or where condition of joint bonding surface may be suspect and for use under water, prime with Sika Primer 1 or Sika Primer 3.
  • For damp substrates, with no water film, prime with Sika Primer 3.
  • Place nozzle of gun into bottom of the joint and fill entire joint. Keep the nozzle in the sealant; continue on with a steady flow of sealant preceding the nozzle to avoid air entrapment. Avoid overlapping of sealant to eliminate entrapment of air.
  • Tool as required. Joint dimension should allow for 1/4 inchminimum and 1/2 inch maximum thickness for sealant. Proper design is 2:1 width to depth ratio.
  • For tools, use Sika Colma Cleaner or turps for sealant which has not yet hardened.
  • Store in dry warehouse conditions between 40°F and 80°F. Shelf life under these conditions is 9 months.


  • Allow 3-day cure at standard conditions when using Sikaflex-11 FC in total water immersion situationsand prior to painting.
  • Avoid exposure to high levels of chlorine. (Maximum level is 5ppm).
  • Maximum depth of sealant must not exceed 1/2 in.; minimum depth is 1/4 in.
  • Maximum expansion and contraction should not exceed 12.5% of average joint width.
  • Avoid contact with alcohol and other solvent cleaners during cure.
  • Do not apply when moisture-vapor-transmission condition exists from the substrate as this can cause bubbling within the sealant.
  • Use opened cartridges the same day.
  • When applying sealant, avoid air-entrapment.
  • Since system is moisture-cured, permit sufficient exposure to air.
  • White color tends to yellow slightly when exposed to ultraviolet rays.
  • The ultimate performance of Sikaflex-11 FC depends on proper application, good design and proper preparation of joint surfaces.
  • Heavier substrates may require additional support during the cure period.

Where to use as an elastic adhesive for:

  • Cover plates, gaskets and coverings.
  • Acoustic ceiling tiles.
  • Floor moldings and door sills.
  • Light weight construction materials.
  • Wood, metal, or plastic window and door frames.
  • Roof tiles.

As an elastic joint sealer for:

  • Air ducts and high vacuum systems.
  • Containers, tanks, and silos.
  • Gaskets in openings in walls or floors for ducts, piling, etc.
  • Reservoirs or water retaining structures.
  • Aluminum fabrication.
  • Bolted lap joints.

Not recommended for

  • Use in expansion joints.
  • Adhering to polyethylene, polypropylene bor PTFE.

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