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130mm Roller Kit Acrylic Paint Boss

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Availability: In stock


RRP: $8.91

Save: $1.69

Quick Overview

Paint Boss roller cover flat/low sheen can be used inside or outside the home with acrylic paint.

This roller cover gives you a smooth, even paint finish.

Paint Boss Roller Cover is made up of polyester and has a 10mm pile which is great for covering flat and low sheen paints with.

The 130mm Acrylic Roller Kit includes one 130mm x 10mm pile polyester roller cover, one 130mm cage frame and one 130mm roller tray.



  • Suitable for interior and exterior use with acrylic flat and low sheen paint
  • Roller made up of polyester & has a 10mm pile
  • Gives a smooth, even finish
  • Paint Boss Roller Kit includes- one 130mm roller tray, one 130mm cage frame and one 130mm x 10mm pile polyester roller cover.
  • Real value for money

This product can be used on

  • Walls
  • Ceilings, etc

Materials this product is suitable for

  • Painting a variety of surfaces inside or outside the home with acrylic paint.


  • Acrylic (water based)- Rinse roller cover in water to remover any loose fibres then soak for a few minutes. Remove roller and spin out excess water prior to use.


  • Do not overload tray. Always leave a section of the slanted area of the tray for rolling out surplus paint from the cover.
  • Always roll the cover back and forth in the tray until the sleeve is well covered, but not overloaded.
  • Paint with light, even, vertical strokes going from the unpainted into the painted area.
  • Even out the paint on the wall before reloading the roller
  • To ensure the smoothest result, layoff the paint by rolling in one direction


  • Arcylic (water based)- Remove the cover from the frame immediately after use. Then remove any excess paint using a cleaning ring or tool. Wash out roller cover by immersing in warm soapy water. Rinse in clean water and hang until completely dry. Never leaver cover soaking in water or solvent. Store in cling-wrap or rolled up in newspaper to ensure roller cover remains clean for when next required.

Additional Information

SKU 2592186
Width 130mm
Pile 10mm
Finish Flat and Low Sheen
Brand Sirdar

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